Welcome to my bodybuilding photo site
I was born in May 1972. I live in Taastrup, Denmark. Since I was a teenager bodybuilding has fascinated me.

In the 1990s, I followed Danish bodybuilding a lot. Spent a lot of time in Body Art, Rebaeksoepark, Sporting Health Club. Just to mention some of the good old Gyms.

In 1994 I decided to buy a Canon EOS1000 with 200mm zoom lens, with the sole purpose to take pictures of DM in Ringsted. I clearly remember the first time I saw DM.It was magical. To see the athletes, and to hear the crowd cheering when people posed.
I soon found out that it was a fun to take pictures of bodybuilding competitions. I developed the pictures, and went around in the Gyms so that the athletes could see them self. They could buy images at cost price.

My main focus was and is: This is something that I do for the sport and athletes.

Now many years later..I found the magic again. Now it's LOADED CUP 2012 in April. Tickets were immediately bought. And now I have become digital, with a bigger zoom. And I plan to take a lot of good pictures.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures from now and old times.

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